Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body and it connects your calf muscles to your heel bone.

Achilles tendon rupture or tear is the separation of the tendon fibers so that the tendon can no longer perform its normal function.

Achilles tendon rupture occurs most often in middle-aged athlete participating in sports that involve running, pivoting and jumping. Recreational sports can also cause Achilles rupture.

If Achilles tendon is ruptured you will experience severe pain in the back of your leg, swelling and difficulty to stand on tiptoe and push the leg when walking. A popping or snapping sound is heard when the injury occurs. You may also feel a gap or depression in the tendon, just above heel bone.

Achilles tendon rupture can be treated using either non-surgical method or surgical method. Non-surgical treatment involves wearing a cast or special brace boot which is changed after period of time to bring the tendon back to its normal length. Surgical procedure involves opening the skin and suturing the torn tendon together. Surgery helps to decrease the recurrence of the Achilles tendon rupture in comparison to the non-surgical treatment.

Achilles tendon injury can be prevented by performing stretching and warm-up exercises before sports participation.