Hip Arthritis

Hip Arthritis Information and Assistance in Nowra and Shellharbour

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. It causes pain, swelling, stiffness and deformity. It can affect any joint in the body and commonly affects the hip and the knee joint.

Although there are many types of arthritis, osteoarthritis – also known as wear and tear arthritis or age related arthritis is the most common type of arthritis that affects the hip joint.

It occurs when a joint becomes injured or inflamed which causes break down of the articular cartilage (cushion) tissue. The resultant breakdown of the cartilage results in pain, swelling and ultimately deformity of the joint. This is because the role of the cartilage due to its ability to change shape when compressed is to act as a shock absorber allowing the bones within the joint to move against each other without friction.

What causes hip arthritis?

It’s unknown as to what causes hip arthritis. In some instances it may be that the joints have not formed properly or due to genetic defects in the joint.
Factors that are known to contribute hip arthritis occurring include increasing age, the joint being injured and carrying excess weight.

Hip arthritis can result in patients having pain in the groin, thigh and buttocks or even the knee. The pain can vary and can be described as stabbing, sharp or a dull ache and often the hip is stiff and patients will sometimes have difficulty with walking.

Dr Anil Goudar can also discuss total hip replacement surgery with you.

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