Total Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement in the Shellharbour and Nowra Region

Dr Anil Goudar is a trained orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in a number of different areas. Working with you and your GP, Dr Anil will assess your situation and offer a treatment regime or, if required, perform a hip replacement if the situation requires. A hip replacement may be your key to a better lifestyle.

What are your options for hip replacement?

Dr Goudar works with all his patients with the goal of treating the hip to improve mobility and to prevent a loss of lifestyle. Depending upon the severity of the arthritis, treatment plans can include rest, use of walking stick or cane to reduce weight bearing on the hip, advice regarding weight loss, exercise regimes and anti-inflammatory and pain medications.

Dr Goudar is a highly trained hip surgeon and also provides hip replacement surgery when other treatment plans are no longer providing effective relief of pain or symptoms.

Hip replacement surgery is when the joint’s ball and socket mechanism are surgically removed and replaced with an artificial joint within the existing bone. The components of the artificial joint are made up of plastic, ceramic or metal.

Hip replacement surgery is now one of the most effective surgical procedures worldwide and can enable patients to be restored back to full mobility and maintain their ongoing independence.

If you suffer hip arthritis, Dr Anil Goudar can provide lifestyle and treatment options.

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