ACL Reconstruction

ACL Knee Reconstruction in Nowra and Shellharbour

It can be difficult to find a reliable ACL reconstruction specialist when you need one, and sometimes you just don’t know where to turn. It can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, there is help out there. Dr Anil Goudar is an orthopaedic surgeon who provides ACL reconstruction surgery. Dr Goudar works with all his patients with the goal of treating the knee injury to enable sports participation and prevent loss of active lifestyle.

What is the ACL reconstruction process?

The ACL reconstruction surgery utilises a graft (hamstring or patella tendon) most commonly taken from your own body and is placed in the site of ruptured ACL ligament to connect the knee bones. The ACL reconstruction surgery is performed arthroscopically, previously it used to be performed as an open surgery with big cuts. The benefits of arthroscopic surgery include quicker recovery, lesser complication and better visualization of internal knee structures. The surgery is then followed by physiotherapy to rehabilitate the knee.

Dr Goudar is a highly trained ACL reconstruction surgeon, providing surgical treatment option when other treatment options are no longer providing effective relief of symptoms of knee instability.

ACL reconstruction is when the ACL ligament is replaced with graft and is not a repair of torn ACL ligament.  ACL reconstruction is an effective surgical procedure to restore patients back to their preinjury level of activities.

As well as knee reconstruction, Dr Goudar can also provide treatment options when it comes to knee arthritis or knee replacement. 

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