Computer Navigation TKR

Total knee replacements have become one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine however the polyethylene (plastic) liner wears with use.

Amount of wear is dependent of multiple factors including age, and is higher in younger active people. As a reason the risk of revision surgery is high in younger and active age group. The life of the prosthesis can be extended by precise alignment of the prosthesis and this can be achieved by the use of computer navigation for knee replacement surgery.

Computer navigation provides the surgeon with the real time mapped 3-D images of the patient’s knee during surgery. The data for the images is provided by sensors fixed to the bones of the knee joint and the surgical instruments. Their position is tracked by camera placed above the surgical table connected to the computer. The computer than generates the real time images with the help of the appropriate software to guide the surgeon to precisely resurface and cut the bones of the knee and fix the implant precisely and accurately according to the pre-operative surgical plan. The surgery is done by the surgeon and computer navigation is a tool to guide the surgeon and improve the outcome of the surgery.